International Year of Light 2015

The International Year of Light is a global initiative to highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and the sustainable development of the society. Endorsed by the UNESCO Executive Board and the UNESCO General Conference, the International Year of Light resolution was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2013.

The applications of light technology have revolutionized society through medicine, communications, entertainment and culture. Industries based on light are major economic drivers, and light-based technologies directly respond to the needs of humankind by improving access to information, promoting sustainable development, increasing societal health and well-being, and furthering environmental goals by saving energy and reducing global warming.

PCRL is the national node of UNESCO for the actions of the IYL2015 in Greece. As the national node we have contacted all major stakeholders of the Photonics industry, including Universities, Research Institutions, the Ministry of Culture and SMEs, we have informed them about the purpose of IYL2015 and explained the ways everyone could contribute to this initiative. Numerous events and activities have been organized throughout the year and across the county. Please visit the events page on the IYL2015 site for the full catalogue (

The main event organized by PCRL was held in the Eugenides Planetarium Foundation in Athens in collation with the Foundation.

We’ve celebrated with a two-day festival dedicated to Light and Light based technologies. Parallel activities have been organized for all ages, including presentations by key-note speakers, interactive games for children, planetarium performance and more.

The event was very successful and reached an audience of more than 2.000 people.


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