Panagiotis Groumas

Panagiotis Groumas

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Panagiotis Groumas obtained his Degree in Physics from the University of Athens in 2010 with specialization in applied physics and telecommunications. Shortly after he joined the Photonics Communication Research Laboratory and is a member since then. He has actively participated in various EU funded projects, namely ICT-POLYSYS, ICT-PANTHER, ICT-BIOFOS et al. In ICT-POLYSYS he has been involved in the development of ultra high speed transceivers based on novel Electro-Optic (EO) polymer materials for short reach datacom applications, and was responsible for the design of passive photonic integrated circuits like MMI couplers and Bragg gratings on the EO platform. After the successful conclusion of ICT-POLYSYS, he became involved with ICT-PANTHER, working on the development of a Software Defined Optics (SDO) platform for flexible high speed transceivers, featuring 4M functionality. Additionally he is involved in the multidisciplinary project ICT-BIOFOS, working on the development of a photonic biosensor for the food industry. In ICT-BIOFOS he is leading the development of the detection unit’s read-out system, the microfluidics control unit and the master control software of the biosensor. Apart from English, PCRL’s working language; Panos is also an advanced German speaker.

Research Areas

Ultra high speed polymer transceivers, Design of passive photonic components, Photonic biosensors, Automatic control, Digital Signal Processing.