Vasilis Katopodis


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Vasilis Katopodis obtained his Degree in Physics from the University of Patras in 2011 with specialization in electronics, computers and signal processing. His Diploma thesis concerned the design of multiple-loop feedback filters using Current Conveyors (CCIIs) and Current Feedback Operational Amplifies (CFOAs). Vasilis Katopodis is a member of the Photonics Communications Research Laboratory conducting his research towards his PhD on the development of optical circuits based on novel polymer materials for high capacity flexible optical networks exploiting the multi-flow optical operation, extending also the software-defined networking (SDN) structure down to the optical transport layer. More specifically, in EU-project POLYSYS Vasilis participated actively in the system testing experiments with all fabricated prototypes, achieving to transmit 100 and 2×100 Gb/s OOK optical signals over a single lane up to 1.6 km, resulting in publishing various papers mostly for intra-data center scenarios exploiting the 100 Gb/s connectivity. Additionally, in EU-project PANTHER Vasilis is responsible for the development and the testing of the FPGA-based transponder of the 4M (multi-rate, multi-format, multi-reach and multi-flow) transmitters with terabit capacity and flexibility in the definition and wavelength allocation of optical flows. Further, he is an excellent English and German language speaker.

Research Areas

Polymer-based optical circuits for high capacity photonic networks, system and transmission experiments, FPGA transponders, optical networking, optical multi-flow operation, Software Defined networking (SDN) for optical transport layer.