Digital Optical Logic Modules
[November 1998 – September 2002]

PCRL coordinated project DO_ALL, a project within the ESPRIT frame-programme. The aim of project DO_ALL was to research in a systematic way the state-of-the-art in high-speed all-optical logic and to develop novel signal processing concepts and technologies. In this respect, DO_ALL has defined, designed, and developed the necessary set of devices and modules required for the construction of optical logic circuits and has applied them into application experiments of nontrivial functionality to qualify their performance and limitations. Within this frame, the applications that have been explored were (1) the demonstration of all-optical bit-error-rate (BER) measurements capability and (2) the demonstration of an optically addressable exchange–bypass switch using all-optical techniques. The first application was selected so as to investigate whether it is possible to build a complex optical circuit consisting of several optical logic modules that would challenge in performance the corresponding electronic designs. The second application was chosen so as to demonstrate that the logical functionality of optical circuits is advantageous since in this instance one optical gate can replace several electronic gates

PCRL contact person: Dr. Christos Stamatiadis